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On behalf of the PTA Executive we welcome you to our very new and intuitive Website, and trust that your browsing experience will be a fulfilling one!

In keeping with the Aim of the Queen’s Preparatory School “to provide a liberal and thorough education, the PTA Executive constituting a network of parents/guardians and teachers with a strong commitment to volunteerism continues to foster cooperation and Collaboration with all stakeholders, to ensure that our great institution continues to provide quality education to our children.

With a track record of service spanning over 64 years, the Queen’s Preparatory School continues to make its mark on our country molding the lives of many individuals, this success is underpinned by the strong relationships between our parents and the school, and we encourage you to preserve this legacy by supporting and participating in the activities and initiatives of the PTA.


As we close on our latest project, the creation of a new world-class website, we are now fully focused on our next mission, which is to ensure that all our children enjoy increased access to Information and Communication Technologies as they prepare to compete in an advanced and every changing space.

Over the years, the Queen’s Preparatory School has been blessed with an outstanding group of committed parents working together in unison and giving unwavering support to this institution. We the look forward to continuing this trend, as we continue to bask in the achievements of our Little Stars!

Thank you all for your continued commitment and support, without which we would not be able to reach new heights.

One Love!
Delories Jones
President (2018-2019)

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