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A school community in which all stakeholders work together in a healthy... 


The holistic development of our students in an environment...



May she flourish in wisdom and virtue.


“To provide a liberal and thorough education.”


In pursuance of the aim above, the policy of the school is controlled by the Diocesan Education Board on behalf of the Synod of the Jamaica Church.

The Queen's Preparatory School is made up of two departments – a Kindergarten Department and a Junior Department which cater for children up to the age of thirteen. In addition, there is a Special Remedial Unit which caters to children with special education needs.

The Queen’s Preparatory School was founded in 1954. The Diocese of Jamaica purchased premises at 119 Constant Spring Road and converted what had been the Doric Hotel into a school which was officially opened by the late Archbishop of York, Dr. Cyril Garbett, on Monday, January 11, 1954. The school was named in honour of Queen Elizabeth II who was crowned in 1953.

On the first Monday morning, classes were started with twenty-two children and two teachers – Miss Adele Anderson, Headmistress and Miss Marjorie Chevannes (now Mrs. Marjorie Hall), her assistant. The ground floor of the old hotel housed the Preparatory Department and the High School occupied the first floor. This arrangement did not last long because, very soon, it was obvious that to accommodate the ever increasing numbers, the Preparatory School needed its own building and grounds.


Consequently, 127 Constant Spring Road was purchased and in January 1955 the Preparatory School moved into its new premises. The official opening ceremony was performed in March of that year by Lady Foot the wife of the Governor, Sir Hugh Foot and the school was blessed by the Rt. Rev. Basil Dale, who was then Bishop of Jamaica. The numbers in the school continued to grow and there was a continuous building and expansion programme which lasted well into the 1970’s.

As a result of the government policy of children entering High School based on the results of a Common Entrance Examination, property was purchased at 121 Constant Spring Road and The Queen’s Junior School (now referred to as the Junior Department) was opened in January 1959. The numbers continued to increase and 1965 – 1966 saw the addition of more class-rooms.

In December 1968, the old building at 121 Constant Spring Road was destroyed by fire and the High School and the St. Andrew Parish Church provided accommodation while the Junior Department was being rebuilt.

In 1972 the Preparatory School and Junior School were amalgamated to form one school which was named The Queen’s Preparatory School.

The school has been blessed to be served by many able and efficient principals who, by their devotion and
dedication, have built the foundation on which The Queen’s Preparatory School now stands. They are as
follows, Ms Adele Anderson, Lady Yvonne Richardson, Mrs. Heather Davidson and Mrs. Arlene

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