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Back To School

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

A warm welcome back to school to the Q.P.S family! The new school year has begun and we are happy to say it has been a relatively smooth start.


We extend a warm welcome to the new members of the teaching staff:

  •  Miss Dayna Hawkins - Reception

  •  Mrs. Jenelle Wauchope-Young - Grade 5

  • Ms. Cereta Crosbourne – Grade 6

Junior Schools Challenge Quiz 2018

Congratulations to our brilliant team who won their First-Round match on Monday. Please watch the nail-biting match on TVJ this Friday at 6:30pm. Our next match is October 22.

Back-to-School Meetings

September 25 and 27

Queen’s Prep is ready for PEP!!

That’s our new mantra.

Despite the much-publicised concerns about the implementation of the National Standards Curriculum and the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) we offer our assurances that QPS is ready for both.

Over the last two years we have been diligent in our preparation:

  •  Ministry of Education Workshops

  • Inhouse workshops

  • Group planning sessions – curriculum implementation

  • Online support for staff and students – the

  • Revision of text and workbook requirements

  • Time Table revision to reflect new requirements

We thank God for His continued guidance and for our conscientious and brilliant teaching staff who are able and anxious to meet this challenge. 

Success is guaranteed with team work. As they say, “TEAM WORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK!” As such, your attendance at these all-important meetings is essential as it will allow for parents and teachers to plan the way forward for our children. 

Back-To-School Service

Rev. Michael Allen and the Church of Ascension cordially invite the Q.P.S. family to this

special service on Sunday, September 16 beginning at 8:00 am. We look forward to this

corporate act of worship as we begin the new school year. 

*****Children are asked to wear the school uniform.

P.T.A. General Meeting

Wednesday, October 24 - 5:00 pm

Please join us as we “Meet & Greet” in the Junior Department at 5:00 pm. The business meeting will commence at 5:30 pm. 

We look forward to another excellent year!

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